What is Nomoex ?

Nomoex is a centralized exchange for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The creation of Nomoex was inspired by the need for a simple and secure platform for people to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Though there are already many cryptocurrency exchanges operating currently, most of them lack a simple user interface or fail to provide adequate security to their users, which lead to problems like hacking of digital assets and loss of data. Nomoex brings the best of the technology world to create the most innovative and smartest cryptocurrency exchange that supports the trading of more than 800 digital currencies and assets.

What is Nomoex?

NOMOEX is a centralized crypto exchange that facilitates crypto trades by using its next-gen software to match and execute trades (buy and sell orders).

Nomoex Exchange is being created with next-gen features and functionalities to make sure that users are able to trade cryptocurrencies in the most convenient and secure manner using user-friendly options and a wide range of services from crypto storage to trading, sending, receiving, and the use of advanced trading tools & mechanisms to increase profits.

Top Features of Nomoex

Nomoex Exchange is being created with the aim to overcome the inefficiencies of the existing centralized exchanges.

Fast Trading

The use of next-gen technologies and tools, including the latest cutting-edge blockchain software will ensure the trades are executed ultra-fast while yet giving traders complete authority and freedom of their assets.


Nomoex will change everything about the fee mechanism of the existing centralized exchanges by introducing a new, improved way to charge every crypto trade such that there is a minimum burden on end users. It will introduce the lowest crypto trading fee structure in the industry. Stay tuned for details.

Modern UX & UI

Nomoex will overcome the problem of bad UI on existing crypto exchanges by introducing a brilliant, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for practically everyone, from beginners to experienced traders, to seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrencies and make huge profits.

High liquidity

Nomoex will integrate many advanced mechanisms to increase liquidity through staking, yield farming & more. Moreover, it will partner with other innovative platforms to provide fair princess, market stability, high liquidity, clear trading volume, and data volume for technical analysis.

Solid security

One of the core features of a crypto exchange is security. As a centralized exchange, Nomoex will have custody of the user’s funds, and to protect these the platform will be protected with extreme security measures and practically guarantees the security of users’ funds and data. It also offers a wide array of options for traders to secure their digital assets so they can feel safe storing and trading assets on the exchange.


As opposed to many other crypto exchanges and assets that offer limited functionalities, the Nomoex exchange will create and launch a utility token with many use cases and numerous benefits for investors/buyers. Thus, the exchange, the token and the entire Nomoex ecosystem will offer many actual utilities to participants.

“NOMOEX’s mission is to create a fair and ideal environment for beginners, institutional investors, and other large investors to manage and invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.”

NOMOEX Exchange is under development and is scheduled to launch globally in the fourth quarter of 2022.