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Empowering Your Crypto Journey

We offer a seamless trading experience for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and a plethora of other altcoins. Dive into the world of cryptocurrency trading with our user-friendly platform, tailored to both beginners and seasoned traders.


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Trade, invest, and manage your cryptocurrencies from one simple and intuitive platform.

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Designed for both beginners and professional traders.

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Including VaultX, NomoCIPs, and Droids for diverse investment needs.

Secure & Trustworthy

Top-tier security measures and real-time Proof of Reserve.

Community Ownership

Benefit from owning our native token, $NOMOX.

Why Choose Nomoex

We’re more than just a crypto exchange

We offer versatile solutions for all, exclusive features like VaultX, NomoCIPs, Droids, and a steadfast commitment to security. We’re licensed and globally operational.

  • Top trading platform
  • Secure payments
  • Easy to start trading


World’s Safest Crypto Vault – #SAFU

Safely store, invest, and grow your USDT with Vaultx.

  • Beat inflation with upto 13% APY
  • No lock-in. Withdraw anytime
  • Interest credited daily

Join the thousands of investors worldwide who are using Vaultx to protect themselves from the volatility of the Market.

About Nomoex Token ?

What is Nomoex’s Native Token “$NOMOX”?

Nomox is a BEP-20 token that supports and promotes the project’s healthy and widespread usage, by allowing for rapid, safe, and public transactions.

  • Discount on Fee
  • Pay as Fee
  • Future Expansion
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Cryptocurrency markets have seen an increase in volume in recent weeks, which is a great opportunity for new traders.

Nomoex is World’s Smartest Crypto Exchange.

Nomoex Exchange is Built with Smart and Advanced Features to make trading crypto easy, simple and Profitable 

You Can Register on Our Website and Buy the Our $Nomox Token via 50+ Crypto.

NOMOX The backbone of the NOMOEX ecosystem. We will carefully create incentive schemes to promote NOMOX’s mutual benefits and demand while decreasing its circulating supply.

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A great experience using your app it will be very easy to use.


TThe app was easy to use, and secure, and provided a seamless way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Harshvardhan Konda
Crypto Trader

Quite an astonishing project.

Crypto Holder