Nomoex Presale is live: Buy $Nomox at the lowest price (with a special bonus offer)

The Nomoex ICO Presale Round 1 is live now. The sale which started on September 26th will conclude in 45 days. All those who want to buy the $Nomox token can do so at the starting price of $0.05 per token.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Nomoex Presale, including the easiest way to buy the $Nomox token at the lowest price.

About Nomoex Presale

Start date: 26 September 2022

End date: 11 November 2022

The sale officially starts on 26th September and is set to be concluded on November 1. However, you should know that the tokens will be offered on a first come first serve basis. Because the number of tokens on sale is limited, latecomers might miss the opportunity to get $Nomox at the lowest price.

The sale price is applicable only till the stock lasts. The market price is expected to be double or more. Many crypto traders looking for an opportunity to buy low and sell when the price is high can join the presale now to buy $Nomox at the lowest price.

$Nomox token price (presale): $0.05 per token

Minimum purchase: $50

Another thing to note is that there is a minimum cap on the $Nomox presale order. All participants need to buy tokens worth $50 or more, which means the minimum number of tokens you can buy in the presale is 1000.

Acceptable payment methods: USD, BTC, BNB, ETH, LTC, DOGE

Participants can buy $Nomox tokens in the presale using any of the above payment methods. As you can see, we are accepting all the top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, ETH, Binance coin, LTC, and DOGE, as well as you can buy the token using USD or US dollar directly from the website.

Special Offer: 5% (+5%) BONUS

For only two days, all buyers will receive an additional 5% bonus tokens on all their purchases of $Nomox in the presale. (Ends on 28 Sep 2022)

Besides, all users who purchase 100,000 or more tokens in a single order will receive an additional 5% bonus (during the presale).

Note: $Nomox is the native crypto token for Nomoex — a smart cryptocurrency exchange with support for over 800 cryptocurrencies and 45+ fiat withdrawal & deposit options. Nomoex users (traders) will get attractive discounts and offers when using $Nomox to pay the platform fees and other charges.

How to buy $Nomox in the presale

Follow this simple, step-by-step process to participate in the Nomoex presale to buy tokens:

Step 1: Sign up to Nomoex

Visit and click on “Buy Token”.

If you do not already have an account, click on “Sign up here” at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Enter your name, email address and password to register. Click on “Create Account”.

Verify your email address to create the account.

Step 3: Sign in

Sign in to your Nomoex account at

Note: Sign-in won’t work unless you verify your email address.

Once you’re logged in, you can buy the tokens.

Step 4: Add your wallet address

On your dashboard, click on Add for “Add your wallet address”. Enter your Binance wallet address where you want to receive tokens. Cross-check the address to make sure it is correct. Tokens sent to the wrong address will be lost forever and cannot be redeemed.

Step 5: Buy $Nomox

Click on “Buy Token Now” when you’re ready to buy. On the next page, you’ll see multiple payment options, including USD, ETH, LTC, BTC, and others. Select your preferred payment method.

Enter the number of $Nomox tokens you want to buy. (minimum order 1000 tokens).

Make the payment.

Need help? Visit or join the official Telegram Group at